KFC Scented Candle by KFC New Zealand

First, there was KFC flavored and edible nail polish, then apparently, there was “KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen,” and now, the world’s famous fried chicken New Zealand franchise is showing off, wait for this… KFC Scented Candle! No clue as what’s the smell like though, but it looks like the response was pretty positive with this fried chicken-flavored candle as the post on KFC New Zealand’s Facebook page has garnered no less 15,000 comments and 3,900 Likes/Laugh/Love. If you are as enchanted by this candle and raring to buy one, well, we got news for you: you can’t.

First, it is only available in the Land of Kiwis, and second, it is not something money can buy. There was a sweepstake of sort for it. All KFC fanatics needed to do was to suggest another piece of KFC merchandize he or she would like to see from KFC and the draw did happen on Monday, December 05, 2016, and it had a winner who won by suggesting KFC stamps as the next KFC merchandize. The Wellington resident is officially the proud owner of the KFC Scented Candle and so, for the rest of your fried chicken fans out there: sorry to disappoint and better luck next time.

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Image: KFC New Zealand.

Facebook via 9gag