We have seen our fair share of ‘disgusting’ costumes, but for some reason, this purported prop from Syfy’s Channel Zero TV series, a suit covered in its entirety with artificial human teeth, is unexplainably nauseating. It far surpasses the grotesque level which the William Birkin Stage 1 Transformation cosplay suit has set. Well, at least, William Birkin Stage 1 Transformation cosplay suit is awesome while being grotesque at the same time. The teeth-covered suit, or prop if you like, is actually the horror anthology TV series’ The Tooth Child (played by Cassandra Consiglio), which was kind of an iteration of Tooth Fairy (of sort).

To be honest, this creature is something you would rather not let your child sees as it will no doubt totally annihilate the fantasy of a beautiful, winged fairy that creeps in the night to swap a bill for the tooth kids left under his or her pillow. Even tooth fairy-in-training, Dawyne Johnson AKA The Rock looks way better than The Tooth Child. Seriously. Now, if you would excuse me, I do need to hit the bathroom and throw out my lunch.

Syfy Channel Zero The Tooth Child Prop

In case you have no idea what this is all about, here’s the promo clip, featuring The Tooth Child, of the on-going horror TV series to get you acquainted:

Source and images via Boing Boing

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