concept ePaper display watch doubles as a bicycle computer

Bicycle Computer Concept Wristwatch 544x544px
(credit: Laszlo via TokyoFlash)

if you are an avid cyclist, you would most definitely have a bicycle computer on your ride but how about having on your wrist? at least that what’s Hungary-based designer Laszlo is proposing with this concept watch. the cyclist will have access to crucial data during his or her biking session, all displayed on an ePaper display. for that extra accuracy, the size of the bike’s wheels can be set and the unit of measurement can be set at any point in time.
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an USB port is also incorporated for recharging the watch’s internal battery and for downloading text-based data to your computer. low light visibility can be enhanced by turning on the back light (see rendered image after the break). all biking data is send to watch via a bike mounted RF signal unit and from the integrated pulse sensor. on top of telling time, the biggest plus point for such a device is the ability to store and upload data at your convenience.

Bicycle Computer Concept Wristwatch with Backlight 544x544px

Bicycle Computer Concept Wristwatch 544x248px

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