Ladies sometime leverage on pushup bra to make their boobs look fuller, but seriously, ladies, stop torturing your lovely bosoms. I imagine it must be rather ‘agonizing’ to have them pushed up all day. Here’s a better and painless solution: a checkered 3D illusional blouse that will make your boobs look bigger than they really are. No shit. There’s really such a thing and from the looks of it, it appears to work perfectly (pictures are the proof). Ah… don’t you just love optical illusion? I don’t know what’s not to love (unless you already have huge jugs). Really.

3D Illusional Blouse Make Boobs Look Bigger

I mean, it does give the appearance of bigger breasts while letting you wear any bra you fancy. Hell, you can probably choose not wear any at all since the illusion takes care of the aesthetic already. Granted, it won’t let you feel the ‘fuller’ effect pushup bras provide, but remind yourself this: it’s all in the head. Plus, if guys only ogle over your jugs, he’s probably not a good person. A note on this particular piece of ladies’ top though; it might induce nausea and dizziness if stared for too long and so, if you find guys puking around you, they are bad guys too because they must have been staring at your boobies for way too long. I guess this is a win-win blouse, eh?

3D Illusional Blouse Make Boobs Look Bigger

P.S. It looks like a Japanese product, but honestly, we have no idea where to buy it.

via 9gag.

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