Dino Megazord LEGO MOC by Moko Brick Laboratory channel

Remember Moko Brick Laboratory channel, the Japanese LEGO enthusiast behind the hilarious brick-built transforming poop? He has a bunch of LEGO MOCs that are fun, mind-blowing, and both. But they will pale in comparison to what this LEGO extraordinaire is working on. Moko Brick Laboratory channel is working on a transforming Dino Megazord from the Power Rangers franchise.

Dino Megazord LEGO MOC by Moko Brick Laboratory channel

Just saying it may not seem impressive, but let me remind you that what the Moko Brick Laboratory channel is working on is not just one giant robot. It is a giant robot made up of Dinozords: Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, and Pterodactyl.

In an update on his LEGO/Production diary [JP], the Moko Brick Laboratory channel revealed the completely transformed and combined mode of the Dino Megazord’s Mastodon Dinozord. Being a brick-built Dinozord, it is obviously going to be blocky, but damn, this Mastodon is blocky in a cool way. I think it should be how it should look, IMHO.

Accurate to the series, the Mastodon LEGO MOC is transformable from a mammoth into the body and arms of the Mega Dinozord, while its head will serve as a shield.

In the pictures and video shared by the talented LEGO creator, it was shown with a complete upper torso, complete with head and chest, but I don’t believe Moko Brick Laboratory has yet to create a transformable Tyrannosaurus Dinozord (which is the head and torso). At least, I don’t find any video or post about it yet. The head and torso are probably just mock-ups, but they are really, really cool.

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In the YouTube short, it was shown how it transforms from back and arms into a Mastodon. Words cannot describe how cool it is. I cannot wait for the entire set to be completed.

Images: Legodo.blog.jp [JP]/YouTube (Moko Brick Laboratory channel).