Proposed LEGO Ideas Brick-built Pinocchio Figure Has A Growing Nose!

If there’s a Pinocchio figure, he ought to have at least an interchangeable nose to recreate the long nose when he lies. But if you have a brick-built Pinocchio figure, then you can dispense with the idea of an “interchangeable nose” and go with an actual growing nose.

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Customized LEGO Star Wars Helmets

Not going to lie. I am not an out-of-the-box person. As much as I love modifying cars, I’d rather leave my LEGO sets as they were. But that’s just me. However, for some Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs), original designs are meant to be customized.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Into The Mirror Dimension LEGO MOC By Lego_nuts

Never mind if people said that Doctor Strange’s trippy reality-bending visuals aka the building-bending scenes are, cinematically speaking, “rip-off” of Christopher Nolan’s Inception because it is not quite. It is more than just architecture bending; it is the entire reality that got bent and because it made a return in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Proposed LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Has “Functional” Film Tray

Brick-built camera models are not the most common, let alone one that is based on a Polaroid camera. Even rarer is one with playability, such as a functioning film tray. The proposed LEGO Ideas set, Polaroid OneStep SX-70 by LEGO Ideas member Minibrick Productions, is one such “working” LEGO Polaroid camera.

LEGO Enthusiast Realized Omnidirectional Drive With LEGO Car With Ball Wheels

The concept of omnidirectional wheels is not new. It has seen implementations, including a toy and even on a real car. But this omnidirectional wheel here is not the omnidirectional wheel you expect. The wheel is a ball.

Someone Has Created A LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Toilet

Someone has designed a LEGO model of a toilet. While we are not sure if a LEGO toilet should be in LEGO’s portfolio, this creation, simply called The LEGO Toilet, submitted by NickLafreniere1 on LEGO Ideas genuinely puts a smile on our face.

LEGO MOC Mecha “Snail” and Mecha Nautilus: So Organic, Yet So Mechanical!

If you like animals and mecha, and LEGO, then you will love Japanese LEGO enthusiast Mitsuru Nikaido’s series of Mecha animals LEGO MOC. Mitsuru Nikaido – the same person behind the super impressive LEGO Mecha “Coelacanth” – has submitted quite a number of LEGO MOCs to LEGO Ideas and among them are these: the LEGO …