Man Created A Custom Coffee Table With LEGO Dioramas That A LEGO Waterfall Spilling Out On One Side

When LEGO ran its rebuild broken furniture with LEGO bricks campaign, they probably did not imagine it will be as awesome as the LEGO River Table by Nick Zammeti.

Record Breaking 57 Product Ideas Qualify For LEGO Ideas Review Includes A Brilliant, Brick Build Astronaut!

There is a record-breaking 57 LEGO Ideas submissions that have reached 10,000 supporter milestone and therefore qualify for the First 2021 review. TBH, I wouldn’t have notice this news if not for one particular proposed set: LEGO Astronaut by legotruman.

Forget About LEGO Ulysses. You Can Build A More Detailed Version With The Free Instructions By

LEGO recently left fans pretty flustered (again) with the launch of the LEGO 5006744 Ulysses Satellite. The item was part of the VIP reward, but it was apparently snapped up in minutes.

Check Out This Amazing Custom LEGO Land Rover Camel Trophy Defender From 2017

LEGO and Land Rover seems like a match made in LEGO heaven, but yet, we have see just one official product and just one noteworthy MOC. Among the two, only one is actually based on the iconic Defender 110. And even then, not one pays homage to Land Rover Camel Trophy Defender (which usually was …

LEGO Kinetic Art Of A Person Bathing In LEGO Bricks Is Awesome And Fun

Have you ever imagine yourself bathing in a tub of LEGO bricks? Never mind if you never did because, there’s at least one guy who did and he has created a beautiful and fun LEGO kinetic art to express this desire.

LEGO Enthusiast Created A 5-Foot Tall LEGO Evangelion Unit 02 With 80% Technic Elements

You probably have seen various versions of LEGO MOC Evangelion. Rest assure what you about to see here is unlike anything thing you may have seen. What you see here is Second Child Asuka Langley Sohryu’s EVA Unit 02, aka Production Model, and it stands out as a creation that uses a lot of LEGO …

Check Out This Awesome LEGO MOC Of The Classic Piper J3 Cub On LEGO Ideas

If you love all-thing aviation and love LEGO too, then you may want to drop your support for this proposed LEGO set by Bricklayer79. If there’s anything lacking in LEGO official offerings, it would be realistic looking aircraft – especially classic airplane.

Jimmy Jakobsen’s Proposed LEGO Train Bookends Is A Playable LEGO Set Too

Given how bookends have kind of become an art and given how versatile LEGO elements are, it only makes sense to turn LEGO into bookends. And LEGO Bookends are exactly what LEGO Ideas member Jimmi-DK, aka Jimmy Jakobsen, have proposed.

How To Build A Transformable Transformers Optimus Prime With LEGO Bricks

If you prefer building a transformable Optimus Prime out of building blocks over a non-transformable model, KRE-O has a series that can do that. However, if you prefer to used actual LEGO bricks, then ex-LEGO designer, Tiago Catarino, may of an assistance.