Forget about the mainstream LEGO sets. I’d forget about a transforming Optimus Prime LEGO set too. If you want to break the monotony in your LEGO life, take a look at what the Japanese YouTube channel Moko Brick Laboratory channel has done.

LEGO Transforming Poop Mech by Moko Brick Laboratory

This person has created, wait for it, a LEGO poop. LoL! If a brick-built pile of shit did not up the game of a brick-built toilet then wait till hear about that this pile of dump is actually a robot in disguise. That’s right my dear friends. This pile of poop can convert into a mech. Tell me that you did not break out in laughter when you knew that because I sure did!

And it is a pretty handsome mech that has quite some posability that would put some action figures to shame. Oh, in its alt mode aka a pile of poop, it is alive too – thanks to a pair of spying eyes. Now, I am pretty sure Mr. Hankey would be envious.

LEGO Transforming Poop Mech by Moko Brick Laboratory

Images: YouTube (Moko Brick Laboratory channel).

Feature image transform graphic by Freepik.

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