Axe killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop

Axe-killer ANIMATRONIC DOOR Haunted House Prop 544x688px
(image: Patricaia Rodriguez) Axe Killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop | US$3,500.00 |

so what exactly is an ANIMATRONIC DOOR Haunted House Prop? it is a door with a LCD that resembles a window showing a corridor on ‘the other side of the door’. a dude that appears to be an axe murderer walks up towards the window and as you might have guessed, stares at you in a very creepy way and then proceed to ‘break the door’ with his axe. a cleverly designed mechanism runs in sync with the psycho axe-wielding killer’s axing actions, shakes the door and ‘dents’ start to materialize on the door. how’s that for a 3D haunted house prop? apparently, a firm by the name of Pale Night Productions has created a similar prop some two years ago. so whether is this a rip-off or not, is entirely up to you to decide.
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regardless, this is certainly an awesome creation and nice addition to your halloween decor, if you haven’t had one already. customer can choose to buy the door and the accompanying video as a package for a cool $3,500, or purchase the video, where instructions will be provided on how to create the door yourself. it also worthy to note that if you intend to buy the whole package, then be prepared to shell out another 200 to 400 bucks for freight. check out a short intro video of the Axe killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop after the break.

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