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Of Course Optimus Amazon Prime Costume Is A Win Because, Prime

No, that’s not a pre-CGI-skinned Optimus Prime – that’s Caron Arnold, creative director of St. Louis-based marketing agency, Fusion Marketing, behind the costume she made using only Amazon Prime boxes. How fitting! You know, Amazon Prime and Optimus Prime? Get it? Get it? Anywho, with the Amazon Prime boxes she has amassed over god-knows-for-how-long and those contributed by her colleagues, Caron cobbled up this strangely attractive costume which bagged her the best Halloween costume contest in her office. Of course, why wouldn’t she win? It is a freaking Prime and Prime always win! But we are baffled by why would anyone keep those boxes around after retrieving the contents and also obviously, she has quite a bit of orders coming from Amazon. Continue reading Of Course Optimus Amazon Prime Costume Is A Win Because, Prime

Wolf Spider-Inspired Halloween Costume: It’s A Scary Party Spider

Halloween is barely a week from now and so, if you have yet to cobble up a costume, then this is it. Though a Realistic Spider Insect Costume may not right up your alley, but hey, you want a costume that’s ready-to-wear, this would be one of the few awesome choices. Besides, I am sure dressing up as Spiderman is a little passé these days and so, dressing up as an actual wolf spider is a surefire way to make you stand out. However, as you can see, this costume isn’t exactly party-friendly, especially when there’s little to no real estate at the party place. Continue reading Wolf Spider-Inspired Halloween Costume: It’s A Scary Party Spider

A Drone With An Angel Of Death In Tow Is Some Scary But Awesome Shit

My advice is, don’t dress up as Death this Halloween. Why? Because someone already did and we must say, he was pretty damn good at it. How? He flew, way up above like he should in the first place and not walking with his feet cos’ Death has none of those. Ok, technically, the man, an uncle of Twitter user crüger, did not flew in a Death costume but he did create an Angel of Death which he hooked up to a drone and flew it around his neighborhood. Needless to say, this “real-life” (kind of ironic for me to say that, isn’t it?) Angel of Death probably scares the shit out of some folks who were unfortunate enough to look up at the wrong time. Continue reading A Drone With An Angel Of Death In Tow Is Some Scary But Awesome Shit

Dad Made Junior An Adorable Star Wars Luke-on-Tauntaun Costume

Kids with parents who have the knack for handicraft are super lucky, especially when it comes to Halloween. These kids may be too young to understand, but they do get surprises, like being able to dress up as E.T., or like this super fortunate little fellow, as a tauntaun-riding Luke Skywalker, when they go door-to-door to do their trick-or-treat thing. Little is known about this costume, but do know that it is entirely handcrafted by a loving dad by the name of Clint Case who, no doubt, is a Star Wars fan and would love to pass on his fandom to the young Padawan. Continue reading Dad Made Junior An Adorable Star Wars Luke-on-Tauntaun Costume

Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume

now that Breaking Bad season 5 has officially come to a close, we are guessing that some hardcore fans out there are already suffering from serious meth-in-tube withdrawals. well, don’t be. you can get you fix through the complete series Blu-ray collection, or better still, suit up with this Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume while you are reliving the episodes (warning: your mom might think you are nuts) for an unusual immersive way, or when you are out patronizing the various Halloween parties later this month. now, did we help solve your Halloween costume dilemma? we sure hope we did. you’re welcome. Continue reading Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume

this camera costume can actually takes picture!

FULLY FUNCTIONAL Camera Costume 900x568px
(photos: Tyler Card)

never mind that Halloween is well over cos’ i thought this costume is so awesome that it deserves some honorable mention. created by one instructables member by the nick of tylercard aka Tyler Card, this costume is in the form of a wearable DSLR (a Nikon, in this case) crafted out from some cardboards and incorporates a rear working camera and a laptop that allows it to actually take photos, and display the taken image on its LCD display behind the wearer. to take a picture, the wearer just need to hit the oversized shutter button and the image is capture from the front via the digital camera – just the real deal but only much larger in size. according to Tyler Card, it cost him only $35 to create this awesome costume but of course, that amount is excluding the necessary laptop and digital camera to take images. Continue reading this camera costume can actually takes picture!

halloween costume idea: Han Solo in Carbonite Costume

Han Solo in Carbonite costume 544x688px
(photos: bserinese)

one of the most memorable scene in the original Star Wars movies is perhaps the Han Solo in Carbonite scene, and that alone should give any Star Wars fans (rebels supporter, in particular) a reason to dress up like one for your halloween parties. forget about those cheesy Star Wars costumes the stores try to peddle to you. if you really want to proclaim yourself as one huge Star Wars geek this halloween, then DIY yourself one Han Solo in Carbonite costume. really. don’t know how to make one? well, no worries cos’ that’s where Instructables member bserinese’s instructions comes in. all you need is a geek-will to get your hands dirty, and i am sure you will be one walking Han Solo in Carbonite in no time. i think this is the best boxy halloween costume since Spongebob. Continue reading halloween costume idea: Han Solo in Carbonite Costume

incredible AT-AT Halloween costume for dog, Bones Mello

Bone Mello in AT-AT Costume 900x900px
(photos: Bones Mello)

what you see here is perhaps the most awesome Halloween costume for a dog. the owner of this Italian Greyhound, named Bones Mello, Katie M. created this one of the kind AT-AT costume for her lovely dog and as you can see from the photos, it is one heck of a costume for a dog which leaves us little to talk narrate about but to invite you to take a look at a few more images of this, again, awesome creation. hmm, is Bones thrilled? i can’t really tell. oh, Bones even has its own Facebook page. believe it. Continue reading incredible AT-AT Halloween costume for dog, Bones Mello

Axe killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop

Axe-killer ANIMATRONIC DOOR Haunted House Prop 544x688px
(image: Patricaia Rodriguez) Axe Killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop | US$3,500.00 | www.etsy.com

so what exactly is an ANIMATRONIC DOOR Haunted House Prop? it is a door with a LCD that resembles a window showing a corridor on ‘the other side of the door’. a dude that appears to be an axe murderer walks up towards the window and as you might have guessed, stares at you in a very creepy way and then proceed to ‘break the door’ with his axe. a cleverly designed mechanism runs in sync with the psycho axe-wielding killer’s axing actions, shakes the door and ‘dents’ start to materialize on the door. how’s that for a 3D haunted house prop? apparently, a firm by the name of Pale Night Productions has created a similar prop some two years ago. so whether is this a rip-off or not, is entirely up to you to decide. Continue reading Axe killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop