Pregnant Lady Fat Thor for Halloween

Having a baby bump does not mean you are out of the dress up game for Halloween as proven by imgur user jacjacattackher. She was almost 7 months pregnant and she turned up to her office costume party dressed up as Fat Thor from Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.

As you can see, the depiction was spot on. This ‘costume’ is as awesome as it is weird seeing Chris Hemsworth with a massive beer belly and flabby arms. Now that, folks, was a true superhero (a Halloween costume party superhero, that is).

Even the office recognized the uncanny resemblance to the superhero gone fat and she won the office Halloween costume party. If only we could see more of the photos, perhaps with her on a couch as opposed to an office chair… anywho, great job jacjacattackher.

Image: imgur (jacjacattackher).

Source: boing boing.