When You Are In Quarantine And You Ran Out Of Toilet Paper And Amazon Has None In Stock…

Everyone should take social distancing very seriously to help halt the spread of COVID-19. But what if you ran out of toilet paper at home? Simple. Just head out and get some, but if rather not, or simply can’t because of shelter-in-place ordinance such as the one put in place in San Francisco and Amazon […]

DIY Toilet Paper Splitting Machine Turns A Roll Of 2-Ply Toilet Paper Into 2 Rolls Of 1-Ply Toilet Papers

You heard of the phrase “stretching the dollar”? Well, in this desperate time where toilet paper rose to have equal standing as germ-busting sanitizers and masks, you ought to be stretching the toilet paper instead.

Buy A Single Roll Of Toilet Paper For $3,999 And Get A Free One-Carat Diamond Ring

In this dark time, Las Vegas will not only be forever known as the birthplace for drive-through strip shows; it will probably be known as a place where once a single roll of toilet paper was peddled at an exorbitant $3,999. I kid you not. It actually happened, or at least, according to a report, […]

This Website Answers The Burning Question Of How Much Toilet Paper You Need For Quarantine

Toilet paper. It is the last thing you expect to be highly in demand in a pandemic. But here we are, people swooping into supermarkets, wiping clean shelves of toilet papers. Yup. Such is the world has become.

Lap Dance Club In Las Vegas Offering Drive-Through Strip Shows Because, Social Distancing

The U.S. government and medical experts on communicable diseases have implored residents of the U.S. to commit to social distancing to halt the spread of the coronavirus. And as social distancing is at play, businesses are paying the inevitable price and by businesses, it includes, well, lap dance club.

Video Evidence Of Takumi Fujiwara’s Toyota AE86 Downhill “Racing” Outside Of Japan (Not!)

Legend has it that Takumi Fujiwara’s trusty Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno is still racing until this day… outside of Japan, that is. This is the video evidence of the car with an unknown driver, “drifting” as it “sprints” downhill.

Watch This Cat Being Used To Turn On And Off A Desk Lamp Just By Touching Its Nose

Cat videos going viral happens all the time. But this recent viral video on Twitter, posted by Japanese Twitter user @betelgeuse331 (あとりえ宇宙工房(塾長)💋@ちぇし @勉強垢), has nothing to do with cat and cucumber.

Superhero Not Needed: Batmobile Parked On The Street Of Moscow Seized And Impounded By Police

Something happened in Moscow that puts it out there that superhero has no place in the real world. Like for example. How is possible that the Batman could zip around town without the law catching with him? Oh, wait. Gotham needs him, but clearly, Moscow has need for the Dark Knight.

Harikrishnan’s Inflatable Latex Trousers Because, 80s Baggy Pants Just Weren’t Ridiculous Enough

The streamlined look of skinny jeans/pants is here to stay because, we are in the future, aren’t we? Plus, it is nice to take up less space in the closet and in the subway. But then this happen: Harikrishnan’s Inflatable Latex Trousers.