Numskull x Transformers TUBBZ Cosplay Ducks: Optimus Prime And Megatron Becomes Ducks

You have not been keeping track, you’d be overwhelmed by how many properties Numbskull’s TUBBZ line of cosplay ducks has now. I know I am pretty amazed at how many characters it has grown since after Back to the Future Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

Jurassic Park‘s Shirtless Dr. Ian Malcolm On Bed Is Now Toy Money Can Buy

There are many memorable scenes from the original Jurassic Park franchise. However, none have been more memed than Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm shirtless-on-bed scene after the T-Rex attack. Well, technically, he wasn’t ‘shirtless’, he had the buttons of the shirt undone, exposing his chest and so that counted as bare-chested.

Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad: April Fool’s Joke Made Real, The Second Act

Not every April Fool’s joke is just for laugh. Some good humor jokes, like the Kit Kat Sushi, the Space Smell Perfume, and the OnePlus tiny drone – for example, were either real or so brilliant that they eventually became a reality. And yes, the world is still waiting for the Razer Toaster… Anyhoo, here’s …

Big Mac Smoke Detector Triggers McDelivery When It Detects A Burned Meal

We have faith in humanity. We believe that if someone does not know how to cook will NOT attempt to do so. But hey, accidents aka burned meals do happen to the best of us. When that happens, it would mean calling for food delivery. For a select few residents in the Netherlands, however, McDonald’s …

Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear: Definitely Not A Life Preserver

Anything that is inflatable does not make sense as apparel but here we are, witnessing the existence of the Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear. Look at the date. It’s late March; not April 1st. So, yeah, the Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear is as real as you and me. Not only it is …

Slap Chris Is A Browser Game That Lets You Slap Chris Rock

I am sure you have already heard of the fiasco over at the 94th Academy Awards. Yup. That’s right. It was the slap that is going to live on the Internet as a meme for a long time. Chris Rock must be traumatized now. Who knows, he might have PTSD, constantly worrying about if he …

Écrou De Cartier: Threaded Bar And Nuts As Jewelry Because Why Not?

If you think jewelry in the likeness of the majestic panther with Tsavorite garnet is unimaginative or Peacock Brooch crafted with more than 1,300 gemstones is equally meh – even it is worth as much as a private jet, well, we have good news for you: perhaps, industrial look such as what the Écrou De …

Here Are Two Bread-themed Furniture For Folks Who Can’t Get Enough Of Bread

Do you love bread? Do you really, really, really love bread? Well, if you do, you will want to know about two bread-themed pieces of furniture. OK. Technically, the PAMPSHADE is not furniture; PAMPSHADE is lighting, or bread lamps, to be exact.

Someone Has Created A LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Toilet

Someone has designed a LEGO model of a toilet. While we are not sure if a LEGO toilet should be in LEGO’s portfolio, this creation, simply called The LEGO Toilet, submitted by NickLafreniere1 on LEGO Ideas genuinely puts a smile on our face.

Man Who Married A Hologram Character, Took Her To A Dinner On Christmas Day

Remember the Japanese dude, Akihiko Kondo, who made headlines in 2018 when he married a hologram character from his Gatebox Virtual Home Robot? Well, you would think he would have confined this matrimony to his home. Nope. This man is proud of his love that won’t be reciprocated.