Lunar Module Halloween Costume

It takes creative parents to make their children proud every time when Halloween comes around. This year, the proudest kids should be Ellie and Charlie who get to dress up as an astronaut and a lunar landing module. Yes. Damn right that is a Halloween costume.

The lunar module was worn by elder sister Charlie who is 5 while little sister Ellie (2-year-old) plays the part of the astronaut.

Lunar Module Halloween Costume

The lunar module is made of foam and foam board has a pair of shoulder straps to rest on Charlie’s shoulders. Transforming herself into a lunar module, all Charlie need to do is crawl under the costume and stand up.

Beside being an obvious head turner this Halloween (because, a walking lunar module, duh), it has another nifty trick up its hatch. The front hatch, which magnetically closes and magnetically stays open, also doubles as a candy sample input port. Absolutely brilliant.

Lunar Module Halloween Costume

Although I think some of the smaller porches may have issue accommodating this legendary space craft.

Anywho, this is likely the best vehicle-based Halloween costume we have seen since the Imperial Star Destroyer costume. But the astronaut and lunar module costumes gets extra points in our books because, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

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Images: imgur (brandoj23).

Source: boing boing.