Marking 60 years since the debut of the now iconic Dr. Martens 1460 boots is this latest collaboration with Japanese toy maker Medicom Toy as part of the British footwear maker’s 1460 Remastered releases.

Dr. Martens x Medicom Toy 1460 Remastered

We lost track after the fourth collab, but If we did not remember wrongly, the Dr. Martens x Medicom Toy 1460 Remastered should be the 10th collaborations.

Anyhoo… the Dr. Martens x Medicom Toy 1460 Remastered is a striking pair. It features a completely debossed upper that is both subtle and eye-catching at the same time.

There are no other colors other than the leather black and thus, the way the pattern stands out is via the light and shadow when view at different angles.

Dr. Martens x Medicom Toy 1460 Remastered

Other Medicom Toy presence (which is more like [email protected] presence, really), there’s red [email protected] “@“ logo on the side stands out from the sea of black as well as [email protected] branded chrome lace stay.

In addition to the boot, the two brands have also developed 6 special edition [email protected] figures, each representing a different decade of the footwear.

As per Hypebeast:

“For the [email protected] models themselves, Medicom Toy has looked at who wore Dr. Martens for each of the last six decades. Beginning with a skinhead-inspired ’60s character, the ’70s sees a no-nonsense punk design while the ’80s moves into goth. For the ’90s, Medicom Toy has looked to grunge, while the ’00s is inspired by Kawaii and, lastly, a 2010s-inspired character sporting a beard and tattoos.”

Dr. Martens x Medicom Toy 1460 Remastered

You know what? I am getting the feeling that the [email protected] figures will be more sought after than the kicks itself. It is not known if the shoes will come with the figure or figures, or if they have to be picked up separately.

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No words on the quality, but if we have learned anything from the past 1460 Remastered, they will likely fly off the shelves.

The Dr. Martens x Medicom Toy 1460 Remastered will drop on October 31 through Dr. Martens web store. Prices are not known at this point.

Images: Dr. Martens via Hypebeast.

Source: Hypebeast.

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