By The Power Of [email protected]: Masters Of The Universe [email protected] Figures

Like Mattel’s Barbie doll, Medicom Toy’s [email protected] has assumed many identities and has seen countless collabs, including with 80s pop culture icon Transformers. Now, another pop culture icon from the 80s is set to join the ever-growing many faces of [email protected]: Masters of the Universe.

[email protected] Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400% Is Loaded With Shredded Bills

3-way collab is not new. Even then, I never ceased to be confused about how so many entities can contribute to a product as simple as, say, the [email protected] Anyways, the [email protected] Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400% is the latest Medicom Toy product that is a result of a triple collab.

Toyota “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” Collection

If you are a big fan of Toyota and desire to collect every piece of the automaker’s merchandise, then I supposed you will be delighted by Toyota’s “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” Collection. Actually. You don’t need to be a super fan of the Japanese automaker. If you are a person of style, love Casio – …

BAPE x [email protected] x Transformers Figure: It’s Optimus Prime Disguised As A [email protected]

I am sure you are familiar with BEARBRICK (stylized as [email protected]). This half-bear, half-Kubrick figure that, for some reason, has a potbelly, has been around for over two decades. Since its introduction, it has since countless co-branding/collaborations.