We don’t a lot of guitar accessories here. When we do, it would be something pretty unique, like a guitar pick made from volcanic rock, or a guitar pick that claims to be able to achieve similar effects to electronic pedals or equalizers. The Acoustik Attak Guitar Pick is one such “effects guitar pick”. Here’s how it works:

“Unlike standard plectrums, they feature raised formations on their front and/or rear surfaces, including ridges, bumps, or other protruding elements. These mathematically derived ridges were carefully designed for not only use but ultimately the resulting desired sound. A single pluck hits multiple strings producing a series of waves at different times. The result is a greater complexity in wave action when compared to traditional picks and produce various sound enhancements such as desirable harmonics, tone brightness, and percussive effects. Many musician fans of Acoustik Attak have described the sound output as a “starburst” affect.”

Acoustik Attak Effects Guitar Picks

As you have read, no fancy technology here. It’s just science, or should we say, math? Currently, Acoustik Attak is offering three varietals: Blade, Attak, and Ambush. More information of what each pick does can be found HERE.

We can’t verify the result of these guitar picks. But you are willing to take plunge, the Acoustik Attak guitar picks can be had for US$9.99 for a 3-pack or US$18.99 for a 6-pack.

Acoustik Attak Effects Guitar Picks

Images: Acoustik Attak.

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