check out this stunning DIY LED lighted chess set

LED Chess Set 544x408px
(credit: Tetranitrate)

ever try playing a game of chess in the dark (for whatever reasons)? now here’s chess set that let you do just that. instructables’ member Tetranitrate got a little bored with his glass chess set that picked up from a local arcade and toyed with the idea of illuminating the glass pieces. after much deliberation and planning, this is what he came up with: a LED Chess Set. these chess pieces stay lighted as long as they are on the board, thanks to its custom conductive chessboard and positive contacts on each chess piece. the board is powered by a wall outlet. i guess this project could act as your decorative light in your lovely home too or you could make it as a night light and leave it on for the night. sounds pretty cool, huh? want one? you can’t buy it but you can get your hands dirty and follow Tetranitrate’s instructions posted at instructables to make yourself one.

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