The Transformers Gen-1 Chess Set Is A US$600 Official Transformers Chess Set

In some ways, the Transformers cartoon series was very much a game of chess between Autobots and Decepticons. So, it kind of makes sense to turn it into a chess set. Depending on how you play the game, Decepticons may not always be the loser.

Nothing Much Here. It’s Just A Round Take Of The 1984’s Three Man Chess

The old adage of “two’s company, three’s a crowd” is obviously not true with the 3 Man Chess. First invented by George R. Dekle, Sr. in 1984, the 3 Man Chess you see here is a new take of the original while retaining the same principle of three’s not a crowd by allowing three person …

World Chess Championship Official Set

chess is a game of wits and patience – both which are qualities that the group here lacks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good session of slugging out over the checkered squares board and if we are really going to let our brains knock each other out, we might as well do it in absolute style – and what’s better than to do it with

Mars Made Custom Chess Set

when chess first began, it wasn’t for really meant for the society’s elites, well, at least not in the very beginning until when it reached Europe where it evolved to have a social value attached to it and therefore, it is seen as a prestigious pastime for the nobility and high society. however in modern society, it is not so much seen as such but you can reboot its former glory with this $1,950…

The Carbon Fiber Collection by Ferrari

carbon fiber is closely associated with motorsports and in that sense, it is not wrong to associate them with luxury sports car maker, Ferrari. if you love both, carbon fiber and Ferrari, you would love what The Carbon Fiber…