Chess is played both competitively and recreationally all around the world. And that’s a good thing because chess is a great way to train your mind, improve your planning and memory abilities, and socialize with other chess players. If you have a loved one who is always coming up with new methods to trap your king, consider giving them a chess-related gift that will help them improve their game. Here are a few chess gift ideas that any chess enthusiast would appreciate.

6 Cool Gift Ideas For Someone Who Love Chess
Image: Unsplash (Felix Mittermeier).

1.   High-Quality Chess Set

If you give a top-of-the-line chess set as a present, no serious chess player will be dissatisfied. Having your own unique chess set is a gift that will make everyone twice as pleased. It will be a lot of fun for them to play with nice-looking chess pieces on a well-made and appealing board, and it will be something they can brag about when their friends come around. It will also boost the likelihood that they will enjoy utilizing it for training on a regular basis. Every move feels amazing when a chess set is nice! From this standpoint, you can’t go wrong with this present.

2.   Chess Clock

Because chess is a sport in which players compete against one another, rigorous rules are required. One of these rules is that both players in a game have a limited amount of time. This necessitates the purchase of a chess clock, which is our next gift suggestion for avid chess players. Chess clocks are simple to use and provide all of the features that chess players require to have a great time together. You may select from a variety of time limits, including 1-minute bullets, 5-minute blitzes, 60-minute games, and more. If you utilize a chess clock frequently when practicing, you’ll almost certainly improve as a tournament player in no time.

6 Cool Gift Ideas For Someone Who Love Chess
Image: Pixabay (mpenke).

3.   Wall Art

When someone is truly passionate about chess, they want the entire world to know about it. So getting them some chess-inspired wall art to beautify their house may be a good present option. They may proudly display this and show it off to their friends and family when they visit. Each figure has a different meaning: the king represents the spirit, the queen represents the mind, the rook represents the physical body, the knight represents the power, the bishop represents the sensation, and the pawns represent the senses.

4.   Travel Chess Set

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a chess player, a portable chess set is always a good choice. The nicest aspect of playing chess is that you don’t need a lot of equipment or a lot of room to play a game. Most aspiring chess players must travel extensively since the greatest events are not held in their hometowns. When traveling, many of them use their computers to prepare for their opponents, study their games, and solve puzzles. However, studying chess on an actual 3D chessboard is far superior. Of course, good travel chess sets must be tiny, compact, and inexpensive.

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5.   Straight-Up Chess Board

These are lovely wooden vertical chess sets that can be hung on your wall and are framed like a work of art. First and foremost, they are really stunning. Hanging one up is like adding a lovely painting to your space. It could also be used to play a long game of chess with a roommate, family member, or coworker. You may quickly mark your previous move and continue about your day, while your opponent can make their move the next time they pass by the board. It’s almost as if you’re playing slow correspondence chess, which is a great old practice.

This is a unique chess present that not many people have seen before. For chess aficionados, it’s a lovely addition to any space, and they’ll adore exhibiting their favorite positions from great games or their own games—or playing a relaxing slow game with loved ones and friends.

6 Cool Gift Ideas For Someone Who Love Chess
Image: Unsplash (ESMA // 에스마 ).

6.   Book

Great chess books, of course, must be included in any list of suggested gifts for chess players. Chess is a game you’ll never master since there’s always more to learn no matter how skilled you get at it. Getting a book that can assist aspiring chess players to enhance their chess-playing abilities and knowledge is a good present idea. There are a lot of books to select from, each suited to a different skill level or aspect of the game, so try to choose one that best suits your loved one.

So there you have it: our top 6 chess player gifts, picked from a plethora of options. They will put a smile on the faces of those you care about and admire and make every future game enjoyable!

Featured image: Unsplash (Hassan Pasha).

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