The Carbon Fiber Collection by Ferrari

Ferrari The Carbon Fiber Collection
(photos: Ferrari) The Carbon Fiber Collection by Ferrari | from US$52.00 |

carbon fiber is closely associated with motorsports and in that sense, it is not wrong to associate them with luxury sports car maker, Ferrari. if you love both, carbon fiber and Ferrari, you would love what The Carbon Fiber Collection by Ferrari has to offer you. it is a series of Ferrari-branded lifestyle products that are, well, touched by the magic of carbon fiber. the collection includes Ferrari DVD Tower, backgammon set, chess set, a series of containers such as trinket box, pen tray and pen holder, time piece, tennis racquet, commemorative items such as original F1 piston with con-rod, Ferrari crankshaft 10V, just to name a few. in another word, the collection has loads of carbon fiber themed products that would put a smile on any carbon fiber loving Ferrari fans. there’s even a Ferrari Scooter Helmet that looks pretty slick with the touch of classy brown leather too. the latter happens to be our favorite even though we don’t ride a two-wheeler. prices start from as low as $52 for a simple keychain and runs up to a cool US$16,612 for a limited edition Colnago for Ferrari Di2 Bicycle – also souped up with carbon fiber, of course.

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