TRC Simulators 472F Cabin

TRC Simulators 472F Cabin
(photos: TRC Simulators) TRC Simulators 472F Cabin | €10,000.00 |

whether you are a hobbyist pilot who wants a little more practice at home or just want to fulfill your dream of flying, the 472F Cabin is just what you need. as the name suggests, the 472F Cabin is a full size replica fuselage of the Cessna 172 cockpit, which features everything you would find on a real-life Cessna including windshield, two workable doors with soft paddings on the inside, carpeted flooring, a pair of adjustable seats, ceiling lighting, two fans that supply fresh air via its adjustable nozzles into the cabin, and a complement of switches for lighting, fans and sockets for head sets. the cabin itself is made of high quality, fire-retardant ABS and it is mountable on moving platform. the TRC Simulators 472F Cabin can be yours for a princely sum of €10,000 or about US$13,133. though it is worthy to note that this amount is just for the barebone Cessna front fuselage, and thus making it “flight-worthy” still requires a few more things such as a professional flight simulator software, a computer to run it and for the added realism, a TRC 472 Flight Deck. the latter gear will set you back at a mind-boggling €37,950 (about US$49,840). whether to spruce up this white beauty with your own designs or colors, is entirely your call. we know we would – IF we have the money. hit the jump for a few more look.

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