CloudRC AdvenX3 Cockpit Motion Chair 6DOF Racing Online System: RC Car Meets Motion Driving Simulator

Introducing the 5G FPV RC System, officially known as the CloudRC AdvenX3 Cockpit Motion Chair 6DOF Racing Online System. I know. It’s a mouthful but so is what it has to offer. This rig is the RC enthusiast’s dream come true, or as I like to call it, the “couch potato’s epic racing adventure.”

Eight360 NOVA 360-Degree Motion VR Simulator Takes VR Simulator To The Next Level Of Immersion

Virtual reality is the next milestone in simulation/gaming immersion. Can it do better? Obviously. At this point, we have already seen omni-directional treadmill, hand-tracking, suits that let you feel the impact of being shot at, and a rig that lets you “fly”. Now, New Zealand-based Eight360 joins in with a 360-degree motion VR simulator, NOVA.

Virtuix Omni One Omni-directional Treadmill For VR Gaming Looks Like An Action Figure Stand For Humans

Austin, Texas-based Virtuix is in the business of making VR games more realistic with omni-directional treadmill for moving through the virtual environments, is now planning to bring the technology to your home. Called Omni One, this consumer version of omni-directional treadmill offers 360-degree experience for incredible immersion.

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