Allinsports Pro Racing Simulator: Racing Simulator For Professional Race Car Drivers

We have seen a fair number of simulators on this blog, but so far, nothing come quite close to the Allinsports Pro Racing Simulator by Allinsports (AIS). Make no mistake, folks, the Allinsports Pro Racing Simulator is NOT a video game rig. This is the real deal simulator AIS developed for use by racing teams.

Yaw VR Is A Fully Functional VR Motion Simulator That Costs Just $890

If you are into VR gaming, especially VR games that involve driving or flying, well, this is the VR motion simulator you want in your life: Yaw VR Compact Portable Motion Simulator. Before you shy away and making excuses saying that you don’t have tens of thousands, or the space to accommodate one, you have […]

ICAROS Is A Simulator That Combines Fitness With Gaming Via Virtual Reality

Until Wii came along, the idea of video gaming is akin to gluttony. Except in gaming, you don’t devour food, well, maybe not as much. Certainly, you won’t be jamming your guts with food beyond its capacity. In other words, you get no exercise, except for your fingers and that obviously, is very unhealthy and […]

This $25K DIY VR Racing Simulator Will Make You Want To Play Dirt Rally So Bad

Forget about driving simulators that cost hundreds of thousands. YouTuber by the handle of machkun1 has cobbled up together a $25K racing simulator that’s sure to blow the minds of driving simulator enthusiasts. What you see here is a R-craft motion simulator which comprises of a R-craft multi-axes motion simulator, SimXperience Accuforce pro (force feedback […]

OptiShot2 Golf Simulator Lets You Hone Your Golf Skill in the Comfort of Your Home

Golf is a sport that demands constant practice if you want to be on top of the game. When we say ‘constant’, we do mean hitting the course or the range consistently, which is costly and not to mention the time spent traveling to and fro the club (unless you happen to stay next to […]

You Won’t Believe This Ultra Realistic Flying Simulator Cockpit Is Actually Made From Cardboards

it is safe to say that a flight simulator cockpit is a dream for most avid flight sim players. i cannot imagine anyone who don’t, at one point or another, dream of acquiring or building one. however, the immense time and skills involved are guaranteed to be huge stumbling blocks and acquiring them requires some […]

Full Size Formula Racing Car Simulator

how much would pay for a life-size racing simulator? no wait. don’t answer that. actually we should rephrase that to ‘would you love to have a racing car simulator rig integrated into a life-size Formula 1 race car?’ that sounds better, doesn’t it? now that we got your attention, let’s settle in for some details of this Full Size Formula Racing Car Simulator built by FMCG…

Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk

why put down your money for a racing-only simulator when you can get one arcade system that let you enjoy a range of console game genres spanning from first person shooter to racing game to karaoke sing-off? the Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk is the machine that will let you do all those. custom-made in the Pinel & Pinel Parisian workshop, this ultimate…

GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair

the problem with most gaming chair is, it takes up precious usable space when not in use. of course, you will be happy where it is when you are using it but when you are not using it, this piece of hulking, space-devouring furniture simply becomes a hindrance in the living room. however, this won’t be the case if it can doubles as something else when you are…

Oculus Rift

while some gaming fans are savoring the advanced gaming simulators available to them in the form of race car or aircraft simulator rigs, there is a group of folks working hard to develop one that will make FPS fans happy. we are not talking about complex rigs like the one that appeared on the gadget show or the Novint XIO…