Making Interactive LEGO Race Car Simulator

Since after seeing the functional pinball machine made entirely out of LEGO, we knew someday, someone is going to do the same with a racing video game. Well, folks, that someday is recently and the someone who did that is YouTuber known as Dr. Engine.

Making Interactive LEGO Race Car Simulator

Dr. Engine has recreated an interactive LEGO race car simulator out of LEGO Technic elements. Using LEGO tank treads, Dr. Engine created a custom treadmill that a LEGO will race on without actually moving. At the start, it was hand-crank but it needed more.

The car needs the ability to change speed and is “steerable”. The former is achieved through a single LEGO motor, some gear system, and a pulley system that the user to “steer” the LEGO vehicle.

Making Interactive LEGO Race Car Simulator

To spice things up a little. Dr. Engine also affixed a couple of die-cast cars on the treadmill to create competitions/obstacles.

Obviously, there is more to it. The process involves a trial-and-error some of which has been captured in motion in the video posted by Dr. Engine, which you can also find embedded below.

Images: YouTube (Dr. Engine).

via Hackaday.