Someone Has Created A LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Toilet

Someone has designed a LEGO model of a toilet. While we are not sure if a LEGO toilet should be in LEGO’s portfolio, this creation, simply called The LEGO Toilet, submitted by NickLafreniere1 on LEGO Ideas genuinely puts a smile on our face.

LEGO 21332 The Globe Puts A New Spin On An Old Earth Globe

The winner of the LEGO Ideas first 2020 review results, the Earth Globe by DisneyBrick55, is now an official LEGO set simply called The Globe (21332). After LEGO designers weaved their magic hands over it, DisneyBrick55’s Earth Globe now packs significantly more pieces, at 2,585 as opposed to the original proposed 2,060 pieces.

LEGO MOC Mecha “Snail” and Mecha Nautilus: So Organic, Yet So Mechanical!

If you like animals and mecha, and LEGO, then you will love Japanese LEGO enthusiast Mitsuru Nikaido’s series of Mecha animals LEGO MOC. Mitsuru Nikaido – the same person behind the super impressive LEGO Mecha “Coelacanth” – has submitted quite a number of LEGO MOCs to LEGO Ideas and among them are these: the LEGO …

LEGO 31129 Majestic Tiger Set And The Year Of Tiger. A Coincidence?

As you may or may not know, at the turn of the lunar calendar (which is February 01, 2022), it will be the year of the Tiger. Not sure if it is a coincidence or if LEGO did it intentionally but there is a new LEGO Creator 3-in-1 set of a tiger.

Here Are Three LEGO Star Wars Sets That Are Perfect Companions To LEGO UCS AT-AT

These LEGO Star Wars sets are perfect companions for the LEGO 75313 Star Wars AT-AT. Altogether, there are three sets and they are LEGO Star Wars Hoth AT-ST (75322), LEGO Defence of Hoth (40557), LEGO Snowtrooper Battle Pack (75320).

When LEGO Titanic Spliced With LEGO Star Wars AT-AT…

The two biggest LEGO releases for 2021 are the LEGO 10294 Titanic and the LEGO 75313 Star Wars AT-AT. The two sets are of very different build and from different universes. But what if. Just what if, the two were placed in a Telepod from The Fly and get teleported? I know. The odds of …