Model Kit Building Goes Virtual With Modelist VR Game

The main stumbling block of picking up model kit building is, IMHO, tools, and space. The process of building is not difficult. However, before you can even start, you need at least a few basic tools and if you want the model to look even better, a dedicated space for painting is a must – …

Here’s A Video Game That Will Let You Build A Career In The Garbage Industry

Joining the bizarre world of simulation games is this upcoming video game, Stinky Company Simulator. Produced and published by Polish company Games Box S.A. (a company of Ultimate Games S.A., the company behind The Deadliest Catch simulation game) and developed by Glob Games Studio, the Stinky Company Simulator lets you make a career in the …

Soon, You Can Fulfill You Dream Of Becoming A Tape Recovery Specialist With This Upcoming Simulation Video Game

The video game market is certainly not lacking in simulation games – a genre of video games that we are absolutely intrigued by. Most – if not all – simulation games let you fulfill your secret desire to become someone you never became in real life, such as a pandemic doctor, a metro train operator, …

Enough Of House Flipping Already, Time To Flip The Garage With Garage Flipper Video Game

If you are a huge fan of reality TV shows, you will be familiar with shows like the House Flipper. If you are a super fan, you probably want to be part of it. Thankfully, there’s a video game of it.

Excavator Simulator Lets You Realize Your Dream Of Becoming An Excavator Operator

No ambitious parents would want their children to grow up having a career as an excavator operator. That is probably why you are where you are today. But the inner desire to commandeer this versatile construction equipment has not been extinguished even you are heading a major corporation. And what do you do?

Lawn Mowing Simulator: For Those Who Aspires To Become A Lawnmower Operator

Living in a cramped apartment means you’d be missing a lot of on-the-ground “actions”. Actions like finding badgers digging through your trash in the middle of the night and mowing the lawn. OK. Probably, no one will ever miss the former. However, apartment dwellers may be curious how having to baby sit the lawn feels …

Realize Your Dream Of Becoming A Metro Train Operator With Metro Simulator For Consoles

Simulator. The genre of video games that intrigued us more than any other genres. Here’s another to check out if you are fan of this genre. While not as outlandish as, say, Drug Dealer Simulator, or as tough-in-cheek as the Air Travel Simulator, the Metro Simulator by KishMish Games and UIG Entertainment is equally intriguing.

Youtubers Life 2 YouTuber Simulator: ‘nuff Said

The glitz and glamor of a YouTuber is not for everyone. Or should we say, not everyone can enjoy the life as a true YouTuber unless they have millions of subscribers. I mean, you do need to pay the bills, and fancy hairstyle and fashionable clothes cost money too.

Cargo Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Immortalized In A Microsoft Flight Simulator Mod

I am sure you have heard about the saga over at Suez Canal by now. A Taiwan-registered cargo ship operated by a Japanese shipper somehow got stuck at the world’s most used shipping short cut.