A racing simulator should not stick out like a sore thumb in any decor. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be as grand an object as a grand piano – especially if the simulator looks like the Prodrive Racing Simulator. And it is a thing money can buy.

Prodrive Racing Simulator

Unlike high-end simulators like the Cranfield Simulator, the Pininfarina Leggenda eClassic Driving Simulator, or the AMR-C01 Aston Martin Racing Simulator, the Prodrive Racing Simulator does not mimic the silhouette of an automobile and also, it has a canopy.

The sculpted carbon monocoque that seemingly suspends in mid-air is home to the cockpit outfitted with a body-hugging Cobra Nogaro Street seat, an AOC 49” dual-QHD 5K curved monitor, a Precision Sim Engineering LM Pro steering wheel with Simucube 2 Pro steering motor, and a mechanical pedal box.

It comes equipped with a bespoke simulator computer, hidden away from sight, that features a 12 GB GeForce RTX graphics card and 16 GB memory and is pre-installed with Assetto Corsa. We don’t believe it has built-in speakers or vibration but it does come with a pair of Bowers & Wilkins PX7 headphones, which is odd because PX7 is not quite known for gaming.

Prodrive Racing Simulator

Rounding up the design is a striking canopy of 16 layers of birch wood. That along with the carbon fiber monocoque makes the Prodrive Racing Simulator look like a design furniture piece.

Prodrive boldly claimed that it is “the most beautiful simulator in the world” and it’s sure hard to argue with that.

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The Prodrive Racing Simulator is available to buy, priced at £39,000 ex VAT, duties, and shipping (works to about US$47,074).

All images courtesy of Prodrive.

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