we try ways and means to protect our smartphones, but it didn’t occur to us that we should be protecting ourselves against this communication-entertainment-social device that we can’t live without. we are not talking about the electromagnetic radiation which a handful of folks are allergic to; we are talking about bacteria. according to a study by University of London in 2011, 80% of the cell phones tested had over 18 times as much harmful bacterium than on the handle of a public restroom, and one in six handsets harbored the fecal bacteria E. coli. it was a shocking revelation, even more since often plaster the phone to our face which put us in the risk of infection. the PhoneSoap Sanitizing Smartphone Charger is designed specifically to combat this unseen nemesis, while providing a place for your phone to nest in and recharge, if so desire.

the PhoneSoap is a pretty huge box which allows it to swallow even the biggest phone in the market today. there is a built in 5V USB port within for use with a regular USB charging cable to juice up your device, while an indicator on the outside keeps you inform of the charging status. two UV-C lamps inside, together with the interior reflective coating, ensures that the germicidal light kills up to 99.99% of bacteria. the extermination process takes no more than five minutes and we heard it is also effective against “SuperBugs” too. the UV-C will turn off automatically once it is done, but your device can remain inside while it continues to charge. the PhoneSoap is designed with acoustic outlets, so notifications and alarms can still be heard when your phone is inside.

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the PhoneSoap sanitizing smartphone charger is not the first that we have seen. in fact, we did come across one by a Japanese firm a couple of years ago, but that was limited for use with iPhone or smaller gadgets, and it was a standalone sterilization device that does not charge your gadget. if you feel the need to combat this unseen threat, then the PhoneSoap sanitizing smartphone charger is a must-have accessory, which you can grab it off PhoneSoap website for $59.95. click through for a few more look.

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