Never mind which phone tops the DxOMark Mobile chart because, there’s no denying that iPhone 11 is among the best in imaging. Having said that, if you are a photographer or filmmaker that uses an iPhone to shoot, then SANDMARC Motion Variable ND Filter for iPhone is here to up your game.

Engineered with a cinema glass for true-to-life colors, accurate exposure adjustment while avoiding cross vignetting, the SANDMARC Motion Variable ND Filter allows your iPhone to realize long exposure photography, cinematic motion blur, and enables you to shoot with night mode in low light.

The hardware features an aluminum frame that are both durable and lightweight, and a phone clip mount makes attaching it to your iPhone a breeze.

SANDMARC Motion Variable ND Filter for iPhone

The aluminum frame further boasts laser etched markings to indicate ND levels or Stops of light for easy adjustment.

Featuring SANDMARC’s pattered direct threading system, SANDMARC Motion Variable ND Filter works seamlessly with other SANDMARC lenses, including Anamorphic, Wide and Telephoto.

iPhonegraphers, amateurs and pros, who are keen can pre-order the SANDMARC Motion Variable ND Filter for iPhone now for US$99.99.


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