Wired headphones users who are looking to amp up their non-high-end and/or old headphones may want to check out the new portable headphone amplifier from Helm Audio, the Helm DB12 AAAMP Headphone Amplifier.

Helm Audio DB12 AAAMP Headphone Amplifier

The DB12 AAAMP is a THX Certified portable headphone amplifier that promised studio-quality audio for smartphones and mobile devices, powered by THX AAA (Achromatic Audio Amplifier) technology.

And it does so as an in-line device that fits into the palm of your hand. In other words, assured audio quality can be anywhere you go.

Helm Audio DB12 AAAMP Headphone Amplifier

Once plugged in, you can expect maximum volume of +12 dB, improved sound quality (obviously), and granted access to independently controlled Bass Boost of over 6 dB.

This being powered by THX AAA technology means audio is of highest-fidelity with “infinitesimally” low levels of noise, distortion and power consumption.

Helm Audio DB12 AAAMP Headphone Amplifier

Speaking of power consumption, the device features a built-in rechargeable battery that is good 6-8 hours of play time on a single charge.

Helm Audio DB12 AAAMP Headphone Amplifier is available for pre-order today, priced at US$199.99. Shipping is expected to happen starting in July 2020.

Images: Helm Audio.

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