We know modern iPhone has got the T2 chip that include a dedicated AES hardware engine to power line-speed encryption as files are written and read. But what about the cameras? They are susceptible to hacking too, don’t they? Well, if that’s your concern, then you are going to need an iPhone without cameras.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Smartphone

And no cameras is what the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Stealth is about. In response to rich folks who are worried about covert surveillance, Russian luxe phone maker has removed the rear cameras from the new iPhone 12 Pro and disabled the front-facing camera for good measure.

The now void-of-cameras rear is now a smooth piece of matte black back which, not going to lie, looks pretty dang cool. The Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Stealth is not just for (very rich) people who need a simple phone without unnecessary functions and feel safe every time when using it; it is also perfect for workplace that does not allow camera-equipped phones.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Smartphone

As of now, Caviar is offering two models: a titanium model featuring hardened titanium with vertical guilloche on durable laser coating, and a gold model that boasts a monolith laser made of hardened titanium with an ultra-durable PVD gold coating. Both phone look absolutely gorgeous if I may add.

I am totally sold, but unfortunately, I do not have US$5,220, which is the starting price of the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Stealth.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Smartphone
Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Smartphone

Images: Caviar.

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