Can’t get enough of conversational gadgets? Well, here’s one from Juno Audio, called Viotone M One, that is bound to set conversation in motion. From the product name, you can’t really tell, but the Viotone M One is a neat convergence of a luxurious speaker and a piece of art. Like an actual violin, the violin you see perched atop of the system actually reproduces audio, but unlike the string instrument, this little viola can deliver more than the sound of violin. So why a violin as a speaker? Apparently, it takes advantage of the natural shape and wooden resonance of a violin which can recreate music the way it was meant to be heard. Well, our guess is, the Viotone M One is more geared towards classical music as opposed to other genres, perhaps? Cos’, seriously, we can’t imagine Katy Perry voices coming out of a violin.

Viotone M One also boasts a patent-pending InstruSound technology, featuring special electro-acoustic engineering within the body that allows music to be delivered. The following are some of the official words to kind of explains it all:

“The Viotone M One is able to recreate music in such high quality because it radiates audio directly off the soundboard surfaces of the violin. The violin used for the speaker is made from 300-year-old wood and is produced through the expertise and experience of multiple craftsmen and a master artisan. The craftsmen work to meticulously fit and trim tuning pegs, carve the bridge, adjust string spacing, surface the fingerboard, and perform an array of other tasks that optimize Viotone’s frequency range.”

Under the hood, it is outfitted with an 8” high-performance Kevlar cone with a neodymium motor assembly, a titanium dome tweeter, ceramic solid state transducer and the entire audio delivery setup is bolstered by three separate amplifiers, each with its own dedicated DSP ‘tuning’. All told, the Viotone M One speaker system puts out an incredible 1,500 watts. And the price? Prices start at $25,000 and each Viotone is built-to-order, based on your requirements and specifications. If you in and around Vegas, you can pop by Juno Audio’s booth (Venetian Suites booth #29-116) at CES between January 6 and 9 for a RSVP for a personal demo.

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Viotone M One Speaker System by Juno Audio

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