Griffin Introduces New Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier, Adds Wirelessly Streaming Capability

Truth be told, the market is chockfull of wireless streamer, but what actually makes the all-new Griffin Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier stands out lies in its versatility. Debuted at CES earlier this month, Twenty is a follow up to company’s first Twenty introduced some two years back. This new iteration is of course, more refined […]

Sony’s XBR X900C Series UHD TV Is Thinner Than An iPhone 6. Mind-blown.

While Samsung and LG are busy in the pursuit of curved displays, Sony has not forgotten that we, the consumers, might still be yearning for a thinner TV set (do we?). At the world’s most celebrated consumer electronics show earlier this month, the Japanese electronics giant debuted its 2015 4K Ultra HD TVs and among […]

Android Comes To Bluetooth Speaker, Does More Than Playing Back Music

Android is everywhere. It exist in watches, TVs, streaming media player, game consoles, cell phones and tablets, and now, it wants to be your music player, or to be more specific, it wants to be your convenient entertainment product. The Zettaly Avy Smart Speaker is just one such device. An Android-powered entertainment product that not […]

Insignia and Haier Joins The Rank Of Smart TVs Loaded With Roku OS

If you have yet to dive into Roku TV or in the market for one, you’d be glad that you will have more options this year. Roku has announced (at this year’s CES, naturally) that Roku TV models will also made by Insignia, as well as China’s appliance giant Haier. Built by the manufacturers using […]

ECOXGEAR’s New Solar-powered Gadgets Want You To Live Without Outlets For As Long As Possible

It’s 2015, but we are still plagued by one modern day problem: battery life. It seems that no matter how advanced technology progresses, we still have to reach out for an outlet at the end of the day. So the only solution is to delay such need but how can do so without carrying a […]

Razer Forge TV Brings Android And PC Gaming To Your Living Room

Android-based game console is not the newest news, but one that streams PC games to your living, now that’s news and such is what the Razer Forge TV, introduced at last week’s CES, can do. Razer is going all nuts about Android-based gaming and the Forge TV is set to pose serious competition to traditional […]

Razer’s Open Source Virtual Reality Aims To Unify Virtual Reality, Standardizing VR Development

Ok. Maybe this is not quite a consumer VR headset one might have expected, but it will pave way to a more ‘standardized’ virtual reality, allowing for more developers and makers to hop onboard and from what we see it, it will ultimately create less confusion to consumers. Meet Razer’s Open Source Virtual Reality, the […]

Acoustic Research’s New Speaker Collection Looks Like Garden Lights And Lights Up Like One Too

Music lovers have benefited much from the advent of Bluetooth technology. Thanks to this awesome wireless technology, music lovers can enjoy music wirelessly transmitted from their smartphones, anywhere, anytime – even when you are chilling out at your backyard. Pretty cool, but Acoustic Research wants to take this enjoyment, specifically when you are in your […]

Braven Fuse Portable Audio Mixer Wants You To Play DJ On-The-Go

With the popularity of Bluetooth speakers and portable media players, it is only a matter of time that audio mixers go mobile too. When we said mobile, we do not just mean luggage size kind of portable, but rather, one that can slip easily into a backpack or even a pocket and the Braven Fuse […]

Lenovo Announces The First 64-bit Intel Atom-Powered Smartphone With Intel LTE Advanced Modem

Over the years we have accustomed to smartphone sporting Qualcomm or MediaTek chip. Sure, there are a few Intel-powered examples, but they don’t quite make the number to be considered a ‘norm’ among smartphone makers. However, the new 64-bit Intel Atom is Intel’s bet in changing the mood of the market and the first phone […]