Haier Roku TV

If you have yet to dive into Roku TV or in the market for one, you’d be glad that you will have more options this year. Roku has announced (at this year’s CES, naturally) that Roku TV models will also made by Insignia, as well as China’s appliance giant Haier. Built by the manufacturers using Roku TV reference design and Roku operating system, Roku TV aims to expand your entertainment options with over 2,000 streaming channels sans external streaming media player or stick. In a nutshell, those TVs are Smart TVs, offering what brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and more has been offering. It offers personalized home screen, bringing a myriad of TV entertainment options, including devices such as game consoles, cable boxes and Blu-ray players, together along with your favorite streaming channels. There’s no multiple inputs or complicated menus to deal with; just flick on the TV and in a few clicks on the intuitive remote, you will be able to catch a live TV show, stream a movie, or listen to your favorite tunes, right from the Roku TV.

Insignia Roku TV

The Insignia Roku TV models (pictured above) will be available exclusively in Stateside this Spring at Best Buy stores, as well as Best Buy online store, while the Haier Roku TV models are slated for Q3 release. The latter, known as Haier Roku TV 4 Series Smart LED TVs, will be offered in sizes ranging from 32 inches up to 65 inches. Depending on the model chosen, Haier Roku TV will bear features like slim bezel design, Full HD resolution, Sound Chamber for enhanced sound quality and more. Haier will also be pushing out Roku Ready TVs this quarter, but those are non-connected and are bundled with Roku Streaming Stick instead. It is a consumer’s haven these days, so the choice is yours. As for us, we would prefer not to stick anything on the TV so our choice is obvious – that’s if any of us decided to go with Roku.