It’s 2015, but we are still plagued by one modern day problem: battery life. It seems that no matter how advanced technology progresses, we still have to reach out for an outlet at the end of the day. So the only solution is to delay such need but how can do so without carrying a 50 lbs battery on our back? Solar power, of course and that’s exactly the direction Grace Digital has taken for the ECOXGEAR ECOSMART outdoor family line of products. The ECOSMART family includes ECOPEBBLE powerbank speaker with over 50 hours of playtime, universal charging Smart Bluetooth 4.0 HD Solar Panel, and ECOSMART 4000 HD solar-powered speaker. It is inevitable that you will have to reach out to the wall outlet, but having an extended battery life means doing so less often – a critical feature when you are spending days out in the wilderness.

With the ECOSMART gadgets in tow, you will have lesser worry about power requirement the next time you go off the grid. Designed with outdoor usage in mind, the ECOSMART line of products are waterproof, mud- and snow proof, allowing them to take on the most extreme outdoor elements. ECOPEBBLE packs a massive 10,000 mAh battery for charging your power-hungry devices, while the standalone waterproof HD solar panel boasts a built-in battery to store the harnessed solar energy. There is also a Smart Bluetooth 4.0 wireless chips onboard too, allowing the solar panel to communicate charging status, energy patterns, as well as assist in setting up the solar panel. The ECOSMART line of products debuted at the recently concluded International CES, but unfortunately, words on the availability and pricing are yet to be announced. We tried looking up ECOXGEAR web, but there’s nothing on these awesome solar-powered products yet.

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