Solisly sBOX26w Portable Solar Charger: The Perfect Power Bank For Adventurers

Don’t you wish trees have power outlet when you are out in the wilderness? Like, seriously, sometimes your adventure depends on it (power). The most obvious solution is to load yourself up with power banks and unnecessarily weighing yourself down in the process, or you could look to Solisly sBOX26w Portable Solar Charger.

New Model Toyota Prius PHV With Solar Charging System Being Tested In Japan

Following Hyundai Motor Group and the sensational 500 miles range Lightyear One EV, it was revealed that Toyota has begun testing a new solar-powered Prius. In partnership with Sharp Corporation and Japanese government agency for research of environmental and energy technology NEDO, a Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) is outfitted with solar panels on […]

Hyundai Debuts Sonata Hybrid With Solar Roof System To Increase Electric Range

Well, it happened quicker than we have anticipated. Just last November, Hyundai Motor Group made known that future Kia and Hyundai cars will have solar charging roof and hood, and today, it is a reality. Officially announce today is the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid that leverages on Hyundai Motor Group-developed solar roof system to increase the […]

Soliom Bird S60 Solar Security Camera Makes Manual Recharging A Thing Of The Past

It is nice to have home security cameras that are powered by long-lasting battery, but however ‘long-lasting’, it has to be charged at some point. However, that appears not to be the case with the Soliom Bird S60. Well, that’s if you get a lot of sunshine most of the time because, Soliom Bird S60 […]

Meet The World’s First Solar Electric Vehicle That Has 500 Miles Of Range

Going electric is only half way towards a sustainable transportation. The electricity that we use to charge EVs are most likely not generated using clean means. Besides not actually being clean energy, there’s the range that gives drivers the anxiety because, with EV, when the battery is out, it is out. You can’t pull out […]

Future KIA And Hyundai Cars Will Have Solar Charging Roof And Hood

Thinking out-of-the-box is a NOT thing with most automakers. Tell them the goal is to reduce emissions, they give you hybrid or electric vehicles. While KIA and Hyundai also does the same, their latest plan will make them stands out. KIA Motors and its parent company, Hyundai, has revealed plans to introduce ‘solar roof’ charging […]

Yolk Revolutionized Solar Charging With Thin Like Paper Solar Paper

Solar charging has come a long way and with Solar Paper from Yolk, it went even further. Solar Paper is exactly what it sounds like” it is a paper thin portable solar charger that claims to weigh just 1/3 of its competitors and it is super efficient too, capable of topping up an iPhone 6 […]

This Classy Outdoor Canopy Aims To Provide Free Electricity To Your Home

You have a yard (back or front) and you need a shade for the outdoor, so why not leverage on it (the shade) to create free electricity for your home? Sure, you can cover your entire roof with Tesla Solar Roof, but the initial cost of investment is not for everyone. So, before you have […]

This Is The World’s First Wooden Solar Charger And It Is Very Stylish

What’s your impression of a solar charger? Or let us put it this way, what’s your impression of any gadgets? They look like, well, gadgets. No way in the world one would think wood could a good mix. Phone cases, maybe, but a gadget like a solar charger? Probably not. But that’s exactly what Veiled […]

A Kilometer Long Solar Road Opens In France For A Two-year Trial

What you see here is the “world’s first photovoltaic road,” installed in a small village of Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France. Stretching a good kilometer (0.6 mile), this 2,800 square meter (30,139 square foot) electricity-generating solar road will be put through a two-year test to see if it is able to supply the electricity necessary to […]