Jackery LightTent-AIR Is An Inflatable Tent That Has Solar Panels

When you started to see products that don’t belong to the consumer electronics category at CES, you know that tech has evolved. Automobiles are one of them. It started several years ago. And now, we are seeing, wait what? A tent? That’s right. Jackery, makers of outdoor generators and solar panels, have brought a tent …

SunnySide Lunchbox: It is Solar-powered, Self-heating, And Cools Too

Over the last 10 years, we have featured quite a number of lunchboxes here. We have seen the tactical, fit-for-apocalypse lunchbag, the fun ones, the healthy ones, and even a self-heating lunchbox. Just when we thought the latter would be the epitome of high-tech lunchboxes, this came along: SunnySide Solar-powered Lunchbox.

New 2022 Samsung QLED TV Remote May Never Need To Be Recharged

Changing the batteries of the TV remote is barely an inconvenience. Because a set of batteries usually work for years before they need replacing. Though it is not clear if it is true for remotes with rechargeable batteries. But as far as the remote that will come with select 2022 Samsung QLED TVs goes, it …

Theoretically, This Pair Of Wireless Headphones Requires No Charging

A pair of wireless headphones is not really wireless. When the battery conks out, it will need to be plugged in to be charged or go on the wired route if you want to continue using it. The Urbanista Los Angeles, however, is truly wireless thanks to the built-in solar charging feature powered by Powerfoyle …

Robot Ariel Is Solar Powered Pool Cleaner That Is Here To Take Over A Pool Boy’s Job

This is Ariel by Solar Breeze. It is a pool cleaner that is going to give your local pool boy a run for his money. Yes. Robot Ariel is a pool cleaner. But not the kind of automated pool cleaner you have imagined it to be; it is literally a robotic pool boy.