With EcoLantern, You Can Literally Have A Party When Out In The Wild

You need the light, you need music and sometimes, you need a little jolt of juice for your mobile devices when you are out in the wild, so it makes perfect sense to be lugging along a multi-function camping gadget like the EcoLantern Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Lantern by ECOXGEAR, a Grace Digital Audio company. EcoLantern […]

Grace Digital Hits Up Kickstarter To Sell Chromecast-enabled Radio

Can’t get enough of music? Then Chromecast is the technology you should look out for, but what’s the fun in Chromecast alone, right? Like most of people of today, you probably want as many options at your disposal and that means bagging an audio gadget like the Grace Digital Mondo+ Internet Radio. Why? Because it […]

Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station Brings SiriusXM To Your Desktop

Thanks to Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station Streaming Radio, your love for SiriusXM don’t have end with your daily drive to and from work. As the product name implies, this super sleek and somewhat futuristic looking desktop radio brings SiriusXM you are familiar with to your home and office. Featuring a large color display for […]

You Can Turn Analog Albums into Digital Files with this Victoria-style Speaker System

Still holding on to some good’ol medias like cassette tapes, CDs (yes, they are old too) and vinyl records? If you don’t already have a player for each of those type of medias and harbor the wish of feeling the warm offer by those older medias again, then Grace Digital Tunewriter III 7-in-1 Stereo Entertainment […]

ECOPEBBLE is an IPX7-rated Bluetooth Speaker That’s Just 2.8-inch Cube

Bluetooth speakers are in abundance, but if you’re going to hit the trails while traveling light, then ECOXGEAR’s newest addition, ECOPEBBLE, will have you covered. But just how small is it really? Well, it won’t be as small as a pebble, but at 2.8” tall, 2.8” deep and 2.9” wide (71 x 71 x 74 […]

ECOXGEAR’s New Solar-powered Gadgets Want You To Live Without Outlets For As Long As Possible

It’s 2015, but we are still plagued by one modern day problem: battery life. It seems that no matter how advanced technology progresses, we still have to reach out for an outlet at the end of the day. So the only solution is to delay such need but how can do so without carrying a […]

Grace Introduces Primo WiFi Music Player With Access To Over 50,000 Internet Radio Stations

with over 6,000 commercial radio stations in the U.S. alone, we didn’t think anyone would be lacking of options when it comes to enjoying music from this traditional source, but if you have the penchant for stations outside of the U.S., or simply want even more options, then Internet Radio is the way to go […]

Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier

give your existing speaker system, be it bookshelf, floor standing, or computer speakers, an instant performance upgrade with the Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier. available in 24-watt (GDI-BTAR122) or 100-watt (GDI-BTAR502) models, the Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier not only amps up your existing system

Grace Digital Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

if your idea of luxury is leather and you absolutely love music that won’t add clutter to your living space, then this pair of leatherette clad Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers by Grace Digital (GDI-BTSP201) would be right up your alley. employing the current standards for high quality audio streaming, namely aptX

ECOROX Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

because outdoor adventures are not complete without music, and therefore we see ruggedized Bluetooth speakers popping up in the market. but, can your “ruggedized” Bluetooth speaker really taking the bashing and perhaps, a dunk in the water and survive to sing the song? we can’t say for the rest, but the ECOROX Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by ECOXGEAR is certainly