You need the light, you need music and sometimes, you need a little jolt of juice for your mobile devices when you are out in the wild, so it makes perfect sense to be lugging along a multi-function camping gadget like the EcoLantern Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Lantern by ECOXGEAR, a Grace Digital Audio company. EcoLantern is a 10-inch tall lantern with multiple light modes, an omnidirectional Bluetooth speaker, and it is also a powerbank for times when you small gadgets need recharging. As a lantern, it offers you 400 lumens of light with a choice of modes, including bidirectional control, dimmable, multi-color, and emergency flashing.

EcoLantern Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Lantern by ECOXGEAR

In additional to 360-degree light, it is also packed with a custom designed acoustic cone that delivers sound, pumped out by a 5W omnidirectional driver and a passive sub, in all directions, and thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can enjoy your favorite tunes wirelessly from up to 100 feet away. However, if you so choose to, you can go on the wired route with the Aux-in option. Also in the audio reproduction department is ECOXGEAR’s EcoConnect which lets you pair up two units to create a wireless stereo sound. Additionally, it is totally voice assistant-friendly, working with the likes of Siri and Ok Google. Being an outdoor gadget, EcoLantern is, not surprisingly, of rugged built and it is IP67 rated which seals it against water and dust infiltration.

EcoLantern Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Lantern by ECOXGEAR

ECOXGEAR said it is submersible, so we are not quite sure if it is just saying it can immerse in water, or does it not float. The latter is something critical to outdoor gear, cos’ you properly do not want it to sink to the depth of the lake if it happens to go overboard. Anyways, that’s just my two cents. Last but not the least, power comes from a 5,000 mAh battery which, through a USB Fast Charge Port, it can share its juice with a myriad of small devices. Speaking of charging, apparently, EcoLantern is also capable of jump starting standard car engine for over 50 times, or jump starting V8 truck engine multiple times. And oh wait. It has one more thing: an integrated bottle opener on the base. Now, your party-in-the-wild is finally complete.

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ECOXGEAR EcoLantern is set to be available this month at ECOXGEAR web shop and Amazon (coming soon, I think), priced at $129.99 a piece.


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