New Igloo Coolers The Beatles Coolers And Cooler With Built-in Speakers

Igloo Coolers have more The Beatles coolers for fans of the legendary 60s pop-rock outfit. While last year’s offering only had Playmate coolers, this year’s lineup has expanded to include a cooler backpack and a cooler tote, and boy do they look cool! Pun not intended.

Perfect Camping Gadget: ChillZ Pro Portable Fan With Bluetooth Speaker And Lantern

When summer comes, nature beckons you to embrace the wild but the sweltering heat can be quite bitch to deal with. Thankfully, there is an invention called a portable fan. Better yet, there is this thing called ChillZ Pro which will not only have your outdoor, on-the-go cooling needs covered, but it will also have …

Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2022 Includes An Airstream Travel Trailer And B&O Speaker

Another year, and another long list of super cool collab products from Supreme’s Spring/Summer catalog. If you think a scrambler or jetski from Spring/Summer 2021 was big-ticket items, wait till you meet a Supreme collab Airstream Travel Trailer.

Balenciaga x Bang & Olufsen Speaker Bag: It Is A Speaker And Is Also A Functional Handbag

What are the odds that a person needs to carry a classy designer handbag and also lug along a boombox at the same time? I’d say most people will not run into this sort of situation. However, situations are created by humans and so here it is, the Balenciaga x Bang & Olufsen Speaker Bag …

Lodge Solar Powered Speakers: It Is Completely Cable-free, Thanks To Bluetooth And Solar Power

You know how some botanical gardens have speakers planted among the flora to deliver soothing music for an extra relaxing experience? Well, with the Lodge Solar Powered Speakers, you can do the same for your home garden, backyard, and poolside too.

Meet Jooki Kids, The “World’s First” Screen-free Wi-Fi Streaming Speaker For Kids

Back in the 80s, some kids grew up with storybooks with audio cassette tapes. Obviously, the system of books with audio tapes is out-of-dated today. The concept is still relevant though and you can say that the Jooki Kids Music & Story Player by MuuseLabs – the company behind the token-based jukebox for kids – …