Luminiser Is A Revolutionary LED Light That Is Powered By One Tea Candle

Almost everyone will have at least a flashlight or lantern for times when power outage hits. You know what I see with these battery-powered light source? Because we hardly use them, it leads to battery leakages which damaged the device, or in the case of rechargeable batteries, power crept out over time. Neither is good […]

LUME Lets You Ground Coffee Beans In The Wild And It Is Also A Camp Light Too

If you think making freshly brewed coffee when out in the great wilderness isn’t enough for you, then I supposed you are in need of LUME. LUME is a soon-to-be-launched portable coffee grinder that will, you guessed it, let you grind your favorite coffee beans when you are out and about. Basically, it takes coffee […]

With EcoLantern, You Can Literally Have A Party When Out In The Wild

You need the light, you need music and sometimes, you need a little jolt of juice for your mobile devices when you are out in the wild, so it makes perfect sense to be lugging along a multi-function camping gadget like the EcoLantern Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Lantern by ECOXGEAR, a Grace Digital Audio company. EcoLantern […]

UMA Sound Lantern: When HiFi Audio Meets Ermmm… A Lantern?

You need beautiful audio to free your mind from the day’s work and you need a little warm light when the sun sets, so why not have a gadget that does both and as a boon, look fantastic? The UMA Sound Lantern Portable Speaker and Lamp from Desu Design is one such two-in-one gadget that […]

Gerber Introduces Freescape Series Camping Gears To Make Camping More Enjoyable

love camping, but absolutely can’t do it without style? if that’s the case, Gerber might just have the answer: the Gerber Freescape Series camping gears. the series comprises of a pair of knife – a 3.8-inch kitchen knife and a 3.5-inch sheath knife, a large lantern, a small lantern, a flashlight and finally, a hatchet […]

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern & USB Power Hub

planning to stay off the grid for a while? then we suggest you check out this handsome little outdoor gadget called the Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub by Goal Zero. yes. it is a lantern and yes, it is a pretty good looking one. apart from the obvious like providing up to 48 hours of 250 lumen of lighting when fully charged, this nifty