Almost everyone will have at least a flashlight or lantern for times when power outage hits. You know what I see with these battery-powered light source? Because we hardly use them, it leads to battery leakages which damaged the device, or in the case of rechargeable batteries, power crept out over time. Neither is good when you needed light. This is why we thought Luminiser could be the perfect portable light source for times like this (and possibly more).

ThermTech Luminiser Tea Candle-powered LED Light Lantern

The brainchild of Norway-based ThermTech, Luminiser is a rather revolutionary lighting solution in that it leverages on everyday tea candle to power the onboard LED light. Using the concept of thermoelectric generation, it harnesses the heat produced by the tea candle to drive the LED light and therefore, providing you the light you need without putting yourself at the mercy of batteries. It is like a dream product. I mean, seriously, light without electric power? It is definitely a win. Just think about it. Candle won’t turn bad or leak, and hence the obvious choice of power source.

ThermTech Luminiser Tea Candle-powered LED Light Lantern

Sure. You can use candles without the Luminiser. I am not stopping you, but it will not get as bright as the LED has to offer, or at least, that’s what I have read. ThermTech said the LED on Luminiser is 15-20 times brighter than that of a single tea candle and it can provide illumination for up to straight six hours. Moreover, it is actually an important invention that not only serves to provide homes or campers with power-free light, but it may also be the answer to the millions who are without power in other parts of the world. Think about. It really is an important invention.

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By contributing 699 NOK (about US$89) or more on Kickstarter, you will not secure a Luminiser (if the campaign meets its funding goal), but you will also help pave way to bring lights to third world countries that has no power. Check out the pitch video after the jump.

ThermTech Luminiser Tea Candle-powered LED Light Lantern

ThermTech Luminiser Tea Candle-powered LED Light Lantern

ThermTech Luminiser Tea Candle-powered LED Light Lantern

Images courtesy of ThermTech.

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  1. Looks like someone took a Old “SPENT” Waring Blender Jar and a Stirling Steam Engine and converted it into a Lamp…

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