WalkingPad have once again hit up Indiegogo (but under another Indiegogo username) to market a new version of its WalkingPad, called WalkingPad S1. If you haven’t already have a treadmill at home, I highly recommend that you get one. Why? Well, this lock down and quarantine have taught me a lesson.

WalkingPad S1 Foldable Walking Pad

Exercising outdoor in the time of pandemic is not the best of ideas. Imagine the amount of vapor each fitness person is putting out in the park. Worst, if you are in an air conditioned environment like the gym. Horrible.

The safest way to do it is at home and WalkingPad S1 can most certainly help you achieve that. I have the older generation WalkingPad from Xiaomi and thanks to this machine, my days of quarantine did not bump up my weight.

WalkingPad S1 Foldable Walking Pad

I usually go out for a run in the evening, but since this madness starts, I have been walking indoor using the Xiaomi WalkingPad, albeit not this particular model, but you get the idea. Besides, not running means it is gentle on my damaged knees (and I get Netflix and walk!).

Anyways, the new WalkingPad S1 touts a 180-degree foldable design, allowing it to be stowaway under the couch or whatnot when not in use.

WalkingPad S1 Foldable Walking Pad

It also boasts a “feet sensory speed control” which basically means, the treadmill adapts to your walking speed. Here’s how that works:

“The embedded Feet Sensory Technology allows you to adjust your pace automatically based on your personalized training data. The pressure sensor at the bottom of S1 can accurately measure your position change. To accelerate, simply walk to the front of the pad to speed up. Once you’ve reached your desired speed, move back to the middle of the pad, and it will maintain the speed for you. To decelerate, walk towards the back of the pad and slow down to a steady stop. By identifying different areas, the rate of speed changes accordingly.”

My version has that feature too, but I never feel comfortable using it. My wife, however, sometimes use the feature. Finally, as always, WalkingPad is one hell of a good-looking fitness equipment.

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My old rig already rocking some rather premium materials and so, I would think this one would too.

In case anyone’s interested, you can pre-order from WalkingPad’s pre-sale page on Indiegogo for as low as US$469. It is not crowdfunding campaign per se as it is on flexible goal. Shipping is slated to happen in October 2020.

Image: Indiegogo (WalkingPad).

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