in between vacuuming your pad’s floor and not doing anything at all, there’s actually one chore that we might have missed out if a robot is used to do the job and that’s mopping. the evolution of robotic cleaners such as the Scooba 230 and Scooba 390 kind of makes us forget that we have to actually mop the floor sometimes and hence, the existence of the iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot. available in two versions, the Braava 320 and the Braava 380t, the Braava is a straight-to-the-point cleaning robot that does just one thing: to mop. this little guy pushes a cloth around to pick up dirt and dust on any hard-surface floors using one of the two selectable modes, dry or damp. regardless of the mode chosen, this mopping robot is designed to do its thing with just a single pass as opposed to the multiple passes of the Roomba.

guidance of the robot is via an indoor GPS system projected by a device known as NorthStar Navigation Cube, along with sensors to keep it from falling off stairs, drop-offs, and avoid rugs and carpets. the 320 is the basic that does pretty much what we have detailed here, while the 380t is every bit of the 320 with additions such as Pro-Clean System that has the ability to dispense water (to the cloth), ability to use with multiple navigation cubes and fast charging battery. the iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot is available in North America now for $199.99 and up. check out a few more look in the image gallery below.

iRobot via Engadget

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