what else isn’t connected these days? sports, for example, are pretty much connected, which enables you to keep track of your performance in sporting activities such as cycling, running, or swimming with the help of sensors and companion smartphone apps. now even tennis is getting its fair share of performance monitoring through a special racquet and app combo known as Babolat Play Pure Drive. touted as the world’s first connected racquet, this $399 special racquet is loaded with sensors for capturing data like shot power, ball impact location, number of strokes (down to the type of strokes), spin level, total and effective play time, endurance, and more. the recorded data can then be synced to a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity, or to a computer through USB connection, which can then be shared with your family and friends on social media, or compared with the Babolat Pro Team.

like any good sporting app, the companion Babolat Play App also allows you to challenge your friends or the players’ community, all in the name of sharpening your racquet proficiency. the Babolat Play Pure Drive Connected Racquet is slated to be available in the U.S. from December 2013 with global availability to follow in 2014. hit up the video below to learn more about the Babolat Play Pure Drive.

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