there is no perfect solution to music while working out; it’s either you use a pair of in-ear headphones and risk ending in a tangle of mess on a treadmill, or a pair of headphones and expect a shorter-than-usual headphone product life expectancy due to sweat and stuff. the Monster iSport Freedom Wireless Headphones is here to eliminate both issues. first, it is a wireless on-ear headphones which means you have no cables to worry about and secondly, it is built water- and sweat proof, and it also anti-microbial so that any amount perspiration you can rain on it, it can totally deal with them. to top that off, it is fully washable so you can get rid of those man-grime effectively, keeping the headphone clean and hygienic, and ready for your next workout.

overall construction is of course, built rugged for training use and it uses advanced Bluetooth connectivity, namely AptX and AAC, for quality wireless audio streaming and phone calls. its petite form factor also packs a rechargeable lithium polymer battery good for over 30 hours of usage, while carefully thought out buttons on the earcup ensure easy access and controls. though wireless by nature, the Monster iSport Freedom Wireless Headphones also comes package with a 3.5mm ControlTalk Universal microphone cable for use with smartphones to facilitate hardwire connection if you so choose. arriving in UK stores soon for £240 a pop (about US$375).

Monster iSport Freedom Wireless Headphones

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