Adidas Teams Up With Monster To Create Limited Edition Headphones

i never understand the relation between sporting brands and music. i mean, sure, some active lifestyle folks love to be entertained with music while they go about their fitness routines, but hardware with a sporting brand on it? that’s beyond me, but in any case that you are enamored by sporting goods people offering you …

EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster Headphones

seriously, to have EA SPORTS directly involved in a gaming headset development is the last thing we expect, but here it is, the EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster Headphones, the result born out of the collaboration between the sports game developer and hi-fi audio headphones maker – the first-ever joint effort

Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition Headphone

perhaps the Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition Headphone’s one-of-the-kind status might turn some away, but hey, it is always good to know that such an exquisite cans does indeed exist and is ready to be snapped up by the richest of the rich. priced at £20,000 a pair (US$30,000), this

TUMI Headphones by Monster

imagine those drool worthy luggages from TUMI with those beautiful materials? now imagine those same materials on your head. well, you don’t need to balance the luggages on your head to do so, actually. all you have to do is grab a pair of TUMI Headphones by Monster and your can experience the TUMI style on your head. and yes, the renowned audio equipment…

Monster DNA Headphones

the views about Monster differs across consumers but one thing for sure is, they do know a thing or two about fashionable audio products. having collaborated with music industry biggies such as Beats, Lady Ga Ga, it now moved on and shake hands with media juggernaut Viacom for a new line of headphones dubbed Monster DNA. sporting a pronounced…