at the ongoing BASELWORLD 2013, time pieces are not the only products that has taken the spotlight. in a surprising collaboration, Hublot has teamed up with renowned headphones maker Monster to introduce the Monster Inspiration Hublot Headphones, a high fidelity luxury noise canceling headphone. clad in a lightweight, rock-solid black and carbon fiber design, the Inspiration Hublot offers dual mono amplification, digital noise cancellation with luxury touches injected by the Swiss watchmaker’s impeccable taste, which includes specially created carbon fiber earcups, brushed aluminum finish, pillow-soft leather earpads, along with premium rubber and authentic leather headband. the headphones is equipped with advanced noise canceling technology, in which two microphones are used; one to eliminate constant sounds such as the droning heard when inside an airplane, and the other cuts out intermittent noises such as clapping, or beeping.

additionally, noise from within the cans is minimized with drivers built onto solid metal frames and further cushioned by the leather earpads. information of what’s goings under the hood is virtually non-existence, but what we do know is, it features Pure Monster Sound as tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee and each pair comes with both ControlTalk Universal, as well as Monster Pro Link Cable that enables you to use this luxe-up, hi-fi headphones with virtually any device in the market today. though, there’s no indication of its pricing, we are pretty damn sure it is going to be on the high-end audio cans territory. so if you are prepared to drop pretty penny for a pair of beautiful cans to go with your awesome Hublot wrist watches, you can expect to do so this summer. in the meantime, do check out a few more look in the mini gallery below, or learn more about the Monster Inspiration Hublot Headphones HERE.

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