how many times have you wished you could bring those high-fidelity sound along with you on the road? well, now you can with the KEF first ever range of headphones, the KEF M200 and M500 Headphones. whether you are an over-ear, or in-ear person, these headphones would have you covered. the KEF M500 Over-Ear Headphones features full range 40mm neodymium drivers, along with high-quality, super light, copper clad aluminum voice-coil for “powerfully musical sound with tight, clean bass.” build-wise, the M500 sports a beautiful, precision-engineered aluminum frame, breathable and sweat resistant memory foam earpads and headband, and a ‘smart hinge’ system that allows a more adaptable wearing and also to facilitate folding up for easy storage and transportation (and it comes with a pretty box for you to do so too).

as for the KEF M200 in-ear headphones, it features adjustable ‘Secure Arm’ for keeping the earphones snugly on your ears, rigid aluminum driver housing for negate unwanted vibrations and improve sound performance, ergonomic shell design for good comfy fit in your ears, and a two-way system known as Dual Dynamic Driver (DDD) with 10mm drivers for bass and a 5.5mm dynamic neodymium driver that covers the midrange and high frequencies. the design for both is, well, nothing short of remarkable and it is not just us who thought so: those folks at Red Dot Award is on the same page with us and has awarded the duo with the prestigious 2013 Red Dot Award. no words on the availability, but when they hit the stores, expect to shell out £150 and £250 (roughly US$230 and US$380) for the KEF M200 and M500, respectively.

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