Since the beginning of PlayStation, Sony has always introduced a slim version of each generation’s console. While there is yet to have a PlayStation 5 Slim, tinkerer DIY Perks decided to roll up his sleeves to build one himself. He has taken apart PS5 Digital Edition and built his vision of a PS5 slim.

World’s First PlayStation 5 Slim by DIY Perks
It’s barely 2 cm tall! 🤯

But not to confuse with the man’s previous work on a super classy PS5 enclosure. This time, DIY Perks went all the way out to custom everything other than the mainboard to result in a PS5 so thin (under 2 cm!) and looks so stunning that you’d wish it was an official unit. And oh, it is a bit steampunk-ish because of the almost all-copper build and water hoses.

For this project, DIY Perks have to rework the cooling system and design and built a copper water-cooled system/case. To keep it under its target height of 2 cm, the power supply has to be relocated to an external power brick together with the cooling reservoir. In addition, the original clunky cooling heat sinks have been ditched and in their place, a custom flat piece of the cooling block has to be made.

World’s First PlayStation 5 Slim by DIY Perks
The custom build makes the PS5 looks like a relic, aesthetically.

What makes this project interesting is not just the end result. It is also the process that, unlike most of the DIY Perks’ builds, met with a couple of major setbacks which he methodically resolved. The man had his setbacks in the past but not as major as the issues he had encountered with this build which took months to complete. The build was completed mid of last year.

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Skip ahead to watch the build process.

Images: YouTube (DIY Perks)/Curvy Arrow Vectors by Vecteezy.

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