Playstation 5 Rendered Based On Patent Filed, Please Do Not Let It Be Real

You know this is going to happen sooner or later. I am talking unofficial renders of some product after its apparently discovery of its patent-filing. In this instance, it is the Sony Playstation 5. We heard Sony is furious about the leak and even more flabbergasted when one senior developer at Codemasters confirmed on Twitter […]

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Coming To Playstation VR, Features Impulse Armor

Iron Man is finally coming to Playstation VR. Announced earlier today by Playstation, Playstation VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Video Game aims to deliver the ultimate Iron Man fantasy game and features a brand-new Iron Man armor developed especially the game by Marvel illustrator and costume designer, Adi Granov. Fans will notice from the screenshot […]

The Original Playstation Miniaturized, Pre-loaded With 20 Classic Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the division behind the hugely popular game console Playstation, seems to have picked up what’s Nintendo has been doing: rebooting classic console, albeit in a smaller size. Meet the Playstation Classic, a miniaturized version of the original Playstation that started it all. It looks exactly like the original, sporting the exact same […]

Sony Marks 500 Million+ Playstation Sold With Translucent PS4 Pro

Colored Playstation game consoles are not new. Colored unit other than the standard colors (black and white) offered are usually in conjunction with game bundle (such as the red Marvel’s Spider-Man Edition we saw recently), but this one here is different. It is not a game bundle. It is a unit to mark over 500 […]

Sony Announces Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle

Sony still has the rights to Spider-Man and so, it is really no surprise that the electronics/entertainment giant is eager to promote Insomniac Games upcoming Spider-Man video game with a hardware/game bundle. The announcement was posted today (or yesterday, depending on where you are) on Playstation official blog. The Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro […]

Oh Look, Playstation Now Has A Tiny PS4 Gamepad For Tiny Hands

Look at the Playstation DualShock4 controller. Are there anything wrong with it? With an ergonomic design, there are hardly anything wrong with it, but if you think the wireless freedom it offers and the size is a tad too big for your tiny hands, well then, Sony Playstation’s newly announced Sony Playstation Mini Wired Gamepad […]

SIEA Introduced New PS VR Bundle, Slashes PS VR Worlds Bundle Price

VR is the future of gaming and if you have not hop onboard the VR bandwagon already because of the somewhat prohibitive pricing, Sony Playstation is giving you a reason to do so. Well, almost. Sony Interactive Entertainment America has announced a new Playstation VR bundle which includes the Playstation VR headset and Playstation Camera […]

Sony Invites You To Step Into The Shoes Of Peter Parker At Sony Square NYC

If you are a huge fan of Spider-Man, well then you may want to swing by New York City because there’s a free wall-crawler-themed entertainment over at Sony Square NYC, located at 25 Madison Avenue. Called the Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Experience on Playstation VR, it is part VR arcade, part exhibition event where you will […]

North America Gets Gold Playstation 4 While EU Gets The Silver Edition

Wherever there’s a special or limited edition gadget, I always wonder if it is targeted at existing owners or it is aimed at new buyers? I mean, like for example, the just announced Gold and Silver Limited Edition Sony Playstation 4 game console destined for the North America and the E.U. market, respectively. And yup. […]

The Wait Is Over. Playstation VR Finally Launches In U.S., Canada And Europe

So, after much talk and hype, Playstation VR is finally available and it is officially launched yesterday in the U.S. and Canada, as well as other parts of the world. For starter, over 30 first- and third-party VR games are available as we speak, and it includes Batman: Arkham VR, Battlezone, Driveclub VR, Playstation VR […]