PlayStation Project Q Device and PlayStation TWS Earbuds

There was a surprise reveal at the PlayStation Showcase this week. Among all the game titles showcased, Sony offered a sneak peek at two new official PlayStation hardware, namely, a handheld console code name Project Q device and a pair of TWS earbuds.

PlayStation Project Q Device and PlayStation TWS Earbuds
The Project Q.

Now, before you go ga-ga over the Project Q device, you have to know it ain’t no successor of PSVita, neither it is a Switch competition. It is rather a bizarre device that lets you play games installed on your PS5 and streamed over WiFi. It is kind of like the Switch but there’s no way to bring it anywhere to play for offline gameplay. It is unclear if you play over 5G, though.

Bizarre because Remote Play is not new and already, you can play the PS5 titles you own on your smartphone, tablet, computer, et cetera, using your dual sense wireless controller. What makes it even more bizarre is that it has an 8-inch HD screen and not FHD.

Flanking the screen is pair of controllers that has all the buttons and features of the dual sense wireless controller. It looks very much like a dual-sense controller split in the middle and a screen shoved in between.

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As for the TWS earbuds, it is PlayStation’s first wireless earbuds that share the console’s curved black-and-white design language.

From the short video render, it appears that it has physical buttons for music control on each earbud. The earbuds promise to “bring next-generation audio immersion to PS5 and PC.”

The earbuds can simultaneously connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and will boast new wireless technology that delivers lossless audio with low latency.

That’s all we know about the handheld console accessory and the wireless earbuds. Details, including availability and pricing, are not available. We were to look out for more details “soon”.

Images: PlayStation.