Imagine a mouse covered with LEGO studs on the outside. Doesn’t sound like a super comfortable mouse, does it? But here it is, a concept mouse dreamed up by a team of designers that uses the customizable nature of LEGO bricks to create the wildest mouse you can dream of.

Clickbrick Custom Assembly LEGO Mouse Concept

The team of designers comprises South Korea-based Subin Kim, HyoRyung Choi, Eojin Jeon, and Dohee Kim, and the concept mouse is Clickbrick, which is described as a custom assembly LEGO mouse. The idea of Clickbrick is to inject some fun into the work desk.

While the studs may not be the most comfortable to hold, the Clickbrick offers virtually unlimited customizability. It is the epitome of customizability, right down to the placement of the left and right buttons, and the scroll wheel.

You can decide where to place the buttons and scroll wheel however you choose – thanks to the wireless nature. There is no actual physical connection between the buttons, the scroll wheel, and the base. According to the concept description, the buttons and scroll wheel use “electrical signals” to work. I am going to assume that means some form of wireless connectivity.

Clickbrick Custom Assembly LEGO Mouse Concept

There are a few scroll wheel designs and a couple of mouse buttons style to choose from – taking customizability to yet another level.

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A base with an LED indicator, a USB-C charging port, and presumably a rechargeable battery, serves as the foundation for this highly customizable mouse.

The package includes a bunch of gray LEGO elements for putting together your ideal mouse shape.

As I have said, it may not necessarily be the most comfortable mouse because of the studs but it will definitely be the most fun mouse. You can learn more about Clickbrick over at Behance.

Images: Behance (Clickbrick).

via Yanko Design.

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